How to Attract an Older Woman (Teens)



Keep things fun.,
Use your age to your advantage.,
Avoid topics that make you sound young.,
Be independent.

You should work on developing the characteristics that would make you appeal to an older woman, but you shouldn’t forget to keep things fun. There must be something she likes about hanging out with or even dating a younger guy — one of those things could be that younger guys have less baggage than older guys, and less worries about their college classes, jobs, or whatever it is the guys in her age bracket normally worry about.

There’s a difference between being immature and goofing off. Every woman loves to goof off from time to time, so don’t be afraid to show her the silly aspects of your personality.
Make her laugh. If your sense of humor is one of your best features, don’t hide it because you worry it’ll make you look immature if you try to make her laugh. As long as you pick relatively tasteful jokes, you’ll be fun.
Keep it light. Though you want her to see that you have depth, you don’t have to talk about the most serious thoughts you have late at night the second you meet her. Have a good time first — the rest will come later.

, Don’t think of being younger as a hindrance — instead, it should be something that appeals to the woman. Your boyish good looks, amazing dance moves, or goofy jokes can be exactly what the woman likes about you. Don’t say, “I know I’m only seventeen, but…” Instead, act like you love being seventeen and that the world is your oyster.

Maybe you haven’t done that many things, but you can impress the woman by talking about all of the things you will do, and how excited you are about life.
Impress her with your energy and enthusiasm. You may be a lot more energetic than guys her own age — and that’s a good thing.

, Though you obviously can’t — or shouldn’t — hide your age, you should avoid topics that make her realize how young you really are. If she’s a college student and you’re only in high school, then you shouldn’t talk too much about the Homecoming game, your tenth period math class, or about that time when you got detention for talking back to a teacher.

You shouldn’t hide high-school like aspects of your life, but you shouldn’t emphasize them either. Talk about your family, friendships, or current events — make her see you outside your high school bubble.
If you’re both in high school or college but you’re a freshman and she’s a senior, talk more about the things you want to do later in your coursework instead of what it’s like to be brand-new at a school. It’s likely that she’s matured a lot between her freshman and senior year, and if she’s constantly reminded that you’re only a freshman, she’ll see that you may have a lot of growing up to do.

, An older woman will have more mature friendships, more varied and intense interests, and a more busy schedule. Though you may want nothing more than to spend as much time as possible with this woman, you need her to see that you have your own friends, your own schedule, and your own needs.

If you start dating each other seriously, then you may start spending a lot of time together, but if you’re just trying to attract her and get her attention, you can’t be clingy or she’ll be turned off.
If she does hang out with you, don’t say, “When can I see you again?” right away. Play it cool and ask her out a few days later.
Talk about your schedule. Let her see that you have a lot going on too. If she thinks that all you do is sit at home and play video games and wait for her to call, she’ll be less eager to hang out with you.

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