How to Attract a Christian Girl



Talk to her!,
Spend more time with her.,
Make her laugh.,
Find common ground.,
Don’t be afraid to be yourself!,
Take care of yourself.,
Go on a date.,
Follow up with a second date (and another, and another…).

Yes, you’ve all heard this a million times, but it works! If you’re in the same Youth Group, talk to her about the Bible study. Ask her if she’s planning on going to the meeting next week, or if she’s planning on going to the up coming worship night. That sort of thing. Those are great conversation starters! Don’t say, “Oh, so you help your dad clean here on Saturdays. How Interesting!” Ask her opinion.;
, You can’t truly love someone without getting to know them, so if you have a crush on some girl, start trying to get to know her better! Look for opportunities to share God’s love together. For instance, try sitting next to her in Bible study. Don’t be afraid to talk to her. More than likely, she’ll be happy to start a conversation with you.

, There is no greater joy than God’s gift of laughter. Everyone loves to laugh. Try making a habit of engaging in some good-natured humor with your crush, you have an opportunity to strengthen the bond between the two of you, making way for greater love.

, God gave every person talents and interests – capitalize on the ones your crush and you share! If the object of your affection is in to drawing and you are too, then try drawing together sometime. Or better yet, draw each other simultaneously – this is a real challenge that will probably make you laugh at how bad you both are at it.

If, on the other hand she’s into something that you aren’t, like queuing for hours to get an autograph, you don’t have to lie and pretend to like it, but do try instead to give it a shot. Try finding out why she likes it (“So, did you learn the Yakima flute gradually, or were you a natural?”) You don’t have to like everything she does, but she’ll really appreciate your attempts to become interested in what she likes.

, Girls want to know the real you. Usually, the reason girls want boyfriends is because of the special bond a boy-girl relationship offers. Serious relationships allow a soul-to-soul intimacy that even being best friends can’t replicate. A relationship, especially one founded on the love of Jesus, is no place for masculine posturing or for playing a a predefined role. Christian women appreciate strong and honest yet sensitive men – men that can laugh and can cry as well, men who can fess up, and men who can protect them yet still be kind and gentle.

, Self-respect, demonstrated through the care you show yourself, is just as important to them as it is to anyone else. Pay attention to your physical appearance and hygiene. Try to stay healthy with proper diet and exercise. Keep a busy but reasonable schedule. By doing these things, not only do you make yourself more attractive, you also show the proper respect for the body you have been granted by God.

, Religious people have fun too! Take your girl to the movies, a sporting event, a skating rink – anything she’d like based on her interests. Enjoy yourself, but maintain your respect for her and your love for Christ at all times by acting with tact and kindness. Above all, never, ever, force her into an uncomfortable situation.

, Don’t let a successful first date lead nowhere! After your date, drop hints that you would like to see her again. Say things like, “See you soon,” or “Do you want to hang out next week?” If she seems game, follow through with it! Over time, it should become natural, even expected, to be dating each other.

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