How to Ask Your Crush to Be Your Valentine



Wait for a good opportunity.,
Pull your crush aside.,
Go for it.,
Send a text or instant message.

Try not to corner your crush or force them to talk with you if they are in a hurry or busy doing something. If your crush is chatting with a big group of friends or working on their homework, that’s probably not a good time. Wait for a good time to talk to them about it. Since they’re your crush, you probably know when they have a little free time during the day., It will be a lot easier to talk to them in private, plus your crush might get embarrassed if you ask in front of everyone! Meet them at their locker in the morning before class, or walk with them to one of their classes. Before or after lunch might also be a good time. Start up a normal chat, and then bring it up.

If you two share an inside joke or particular interest, start off the conversation with that., Valentine’s Day is all about sharing how you feel. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Just go for it.You could open with: “So I was wondering…” and then phrase it however you want. You could also start off with “So today is Valentine’s day…” and give them a big smile.

You don’t have to make any grand gestures! You can keep it simple.

, If you’re too shy to ask in person, this is the next best thing. Keep your message short and sweet. You could write “I really like you. Would you be my valentine?” Add an emoji like a smiley face or heart after your message to keep everything feeling lighthearted.

If you’re friends on Facebook or Instagram, you could also send them a private message there.

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