How to Ask Your Crush to Be Your Valentine



Give your crush candy.,
Make your crush a mix CD or special Spotify playlist.,
Bake them cookies.,
Bring them a stuffed animal.

You can sweeten up your crush’s day with a box of Valentine’s candy, like a heart-shaped box of chocolates. If you’re not comfortable asking your crush to be your Valentine in person, you can tuck a short note in the box or packaging for them to read later.

For something a little more creative, use candy “conversation” hearts to write your note., Instead of sending your crush a traditional card, burn them a CD of sweet songs that make you think of them. If CDs aren’t really your thing, curate a Spotify playlist for them instead! Include the track list and make special art for it. If you’re not comfortable explaining your gift in person, include a note (with the CD) or send them a message (with a link to your playlist) and ask them to be your Valentine.If you are musically gifted, you could write and record a song for them, and include that as the last track.
You could also use a voice recording app to record yourself asking them to be your valentine, and put that in the playlist.

, Your crush will appreciate that you took the time to make them something, and if you’re low on cash, this might be a good solution! If you know their favorite kind of cookie, get a recipe for it and make those. If you don’t, you usually can’t go wrong with chocolate chip or sugar cookies. You could even make them heart-shaped!Add a note with the cookies asking them to be your valentine.
You could also use icing to write it out on the cookies.

, If you know your crush loves cats or monkeys, take advantage of that! Most stores will have a whole aisle dedicated to Valentine’s Day gifts, and there are usually plenty of plushies to choose from. What you choose doesn’t necessarily have to be an animal. There are plush versions of everything!

For example, if your crush plays basketball, look for a plush basketball.
To get the conversation started, hand them the plush toy and smile. Say something simple like, “I saw this and it made me think of you.”

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