How to Ask Your Crush for Their Cell Phone Number



Go up to him and say: “I don’t want to use a cheap line, like ‘I lost my phone, can I borrow yours?’,

So can you just give me your number so I don’t have to use that old line.”

, Fold a tiny piece of paper, write your name, something sweet (like have fun!), and number on it, and then stick it in a pen cap. If you go to school with your crush and they ask for a pen, it will be there. If they don’t find the paper and try to give the pen back at the end of class, just say something like, Keep it; look at it closely! If they like you back, they should text/call you afterwards. Voila, you are the owner of his number, and he is the owner of yours. Just don’t text/call him too often unless he does it to you first. No one likes neediness.

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