How to Ask Your Crush for Their Cell Phone Number



Start a conversation with your crush five minutes before your class is about to end.,
A minute or so before the bell rings, look at the clock and say, “Oh man, class is almost over!,
If he refuses, just casually shake it off and say, “Oh, okay.,
If he says yes and gives it to you, then don’t go crazy right there.

Talk about something he likes – TV shows, movies, sports, his hobbies, etc. Make sure to be calm and casual, yet still appear interested.;
, Here, give me your number and I’ll call you later.” Don’t be frantic and crazy when you say this. Remain serene as if you do this all the time.

, We can just talk in person tomorrow!” Don’t let it get to you if he says no. Some guys just aren’t comfortable with that. However, if he says no, wait a while before you try asking again… Otherwise, he’ll catch on.

, Just say thanks and smile for now. You can get excited later!

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