How to Ask Your Boyfriend to French Kiss



Kiss sensitive areas on his face.,
Become a great kisser.,
Try not to use too much tongue.

You don’t want to only French kiss endlessly. Break it up now and then with a little sensual kissing in other ways.

For example, some men or boys have very sensitive ear lobes. Try kissing his ear lobe, his jawline, and his neck, and see how he responds. Embrace him.
If your boyfriend seems to like this, you can move back and forth between such sensual kissing and French kissing. He will likely find it very tantalizing!

, There are a few key tips to making yourself a better kisser. For one, no one wants to kiss someone who doesn’t take care of his or her breath. So make sure your breath is fresh and your mouth is clean.

Pop a mint, brush your teeth, use mouthwash, or buy those little mouth freshener strips that dissolve in your mouth or mouth freshener you spray into your mouth if you’re looking for something portable.
Go slowly. Don’t think you have to pummel his mouth like a jack hammer. The best kissing usually lets the intensity build and then dissipates before building again. Be sensual. Go slow.

, One mistake that beginning kissers make is they think they have to shove their entire tongue down their partner’s throat.

You don’t. You can just push your tongue into his mouth a little bit and let it dance around. Then thrust it in, but not so far that it feels like you are gagging your partner.
Breathe through your nose when kissing. Try not to get saliva all over him. When you’re done with kissing him, wind it down back to the little warm up kisses rather than just suddenly stopping.

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