How to Ask Your Boyfriend to French Kiss



Moisten your lips.,
Start French kissing him first.,
Deepen the kiss.

Lick your lips so that they aren’t too dry. It will make him more likely to want to French kiss you if your lips look moist. Use chap stick or lip balm. It’s probably best if you close your eyes for most of the kiss. It’s a little unnerving to most people if the person they are kissing is staring at them all of the time. Open your lips while French kissing.Angle your head to one side so that your noses don’t bump into each other. It’s usually a good idea to start with other kisses rather than immediately French kissing him., Never forget that you’re not the only one who’s nervous or a little insecure. He probably is too! So if he’s not taking the hint but seems into kissing you, you can initiative the French kiss yourself.

Start by gently pushing the tip of your tongue into your partner’s mouth in order to assess his interest. If he doesn’t pull away, that’s your signal.
Now find the tip of his tongue with your tongue. Gently brush against it with your tongue. That’s it! You’re French kissing!

, Once you’ve started the French kiss by touching each other’s tongues, if both are receptive, you can deepen the kiss.

French kissing is very intimate and a way to bond with your boyfriend. Simply move your tongue deeper into your partner’s mouth to make more contact. A good kiss is a long one in which both tongues are touching.Thrust your tongue into his mouth with a little bit more forcefulness. If he’s as passionate about you as you are with him, he will likely move his tongue deeper into your mouth too, touching your tongue with his.

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