How to Approach Your Crush



Give yourself a pep talk.,
Wait until the right time.,
Act natural.,
Just do it.

Before walking right up like a bundle of nerves, take a moment to collect yourself. Breathe slow and deep to the count of ten to help yourself relax. Remind yourself of your best qualities and make those the ones you display to your crush. What’s the worst that could happen? If you don’t talk to him or her, you’ll regret it, and that first spark could just be the start of something fantastic.Which of your characteristics are you most proud of? Can you get along with anyone? Are you athletic? Do you have a good sense of humor? Keep these traits in mind when working up your nerve to talk to your crush, and give them the chance to get to know the good things about you.It’s possible that you feel intimidated by your crush if they’re extremely attractive or popular, but for all you know they may feel the same way about you.;
, Seeing your crush surrounded by his or her friends might make you even more nervous. Try to find a time when they’re alone and nearby when you can start a conversation without having to worry about being interrupted or met with other judging eyes.Look for your crush between classes or another time when they’re less likely to be with a big group.

, Create a scenario that will give you an opportunity to make the introduction. If your crush drops something you might return it to them, for instance, or if you see him or her talking to a mutual friend you could use the connection as an icebreaker. Taking advantage of little openings will keep you from appearing desperate or having to walk up and start talking out of the blue.Be enthusiastic, but keep your cool. Don’t let yourself appear overly excited.
If you have a class with your crush, ask them to clarify the details of a homework assignment as way of opening communication., Chances are, that anxious feeling you get before talking to your crush is never going to disappear entirely, so at some point you’ll have to just take a deep breath and go for it. Seize your opening when it presents itself. Start by introducing yourself if you haven’t met, or by asking a question to get them engaged if you’re already acquainted. Getting the conversation started is usually the scariest part, so once that’s out of the way you can carry on the interaction at ease.Boldness often pays off. You won’t know if the person you have a crush on is also interested in you unless you talk to them.
Make peace with the idea of rejection. Your crush will probably be happy to talk to you once you get the ball rolling, but in the event that things don’t go as you hoped, just shrug it off. It’s always better to try and strike out than live with never knowing with what might have happened.

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