How to Approach a Girl in Fifth Grade



Get her attention during class.,
Pass her a note or leave it in her locker.,
Wait for the right time to avoid getting in trouble.,
Talk to one of her friends.,
Ask an aid if you can sit next to her during lunch.

You can say “hello” in the morning or make eye contact during class to get her attention. The point is for her to notice you, so that when you approach her it’s not awkward because she already knows who you are. Also, making eye contact with her will show that you’re interested in becoming friends.

Don’t stare at them because it could be considered creepy or rude., If you feel nervous and anxious about approaching her and you just can’t do it, then it might be a good idea to pass her a note or leave it in her locker. Make sure to include a way for her to contact you, like email address or phone number, and let her know that you want to be friends.

Keep in mind that she may be nervous too. If she doesn’t respond to the note, you might have to approach her.
If you want to be safe, don’t make the note romantic. It might come off the wrong way and scare her off. Talk about being friends at first.

, Talking to her or passing her a note at the wrong time could get you both in trouble, which is a terrible way to start things off. Don’t talk to her while your teacher is instructing or any other time that you should be silent. Wait for times where you’re allowed to talk, like during lunch or recess, to start a conversation.

Your note can say something like “Hey Jessica, I think you’re cool and noticed you’re into Drake. Would you want to hang out anytime and listen to his new album?”

, Many girls in fifth grade tend to a have a lot of good friends, so you can talk to one of them before approaching the girl. Be aware that in fifth-grade girls care about social cliques in school. Consider who the girl’s friends are, and if they like you before talking to them.If her friends pick on your or tease you, don’t try to talk to them.
Say something like, “Hey, you know your friend Anna? I think she’s cool. Do you think she would want to talk to me?”

, Most kids in fifth grade still have assigned seats. If this is the case, ask if you can get your seat switched to sit next to her for the day. It doesn’t have to be a permanent thing, but it will give you the time to talk to her.

You can tell the aid that you want to speak to the girl about a class assignment or project.
If you don’t have assigned seats, check to see if there are open seats around her.

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