How to Amuse Your Parakeet or Other Bird



Provide interesting food.,
Add a few perches.,
Weigh the pros and cons of a mirror.,
Examine the size of the cage.

Good parakeet food mostly consists of seeds and fresh fruits and vegetables. Try to introduce pellets in the diet as well as a seed-only diets can lead to obesity.Vary the presentation to make it more exciting for the bird. Rotate certain food items to keep them interested in the food you offer.
Never feed your bird avocado, chocolate, caffeine, or alcohol. These are toxic to the bird.Make sure the bird has enough water to drink in its dispenser. Add more water if the bowl or dish is low. Change the water daily to prevent bacterial build-up.Add a cuttle-bone. This is a good source of natural calcium for birds. Mineral blocks can also be offered for calcium.
Don’t feed your bird too many watery fruits or veggies, as this could cause your bird to get diarrhea. Diarrhea can cause dehydration and if left untreated, may cause it to die.;
, Perches are a great way for your bird to be comfortable in the cage. Parakeets are a very active bird and will love to have a variety of perches in its home. Try to vary the perches to keep them interesting to your bird. Look for different thicknesses, shapes and textures.
Rearrange and rotate perches weekly. This allows you to clean the ones not in use and keep things interesting for your bird.
Make sure that the perch is stable to avoid any injury.
Check that the wood is safe for the bird, such as eucalyptus.
Natural wood perches are a great choice as the irregular shape helps your birds feet to keep strong and stay healthy.
Dowel perches or plastic perches can cause foot problems due to the lack of foot exercise.
Some types of wood should be avoided. Do not use perches and toys made out of Prunus or Oak trees as they might contain cyanogenic glycosides and tannins. These chemicals may harm your bird.Try to avoid concrete perches, as they are hard on the bird’s feet.
Don’t crowd the cage with too many toys or perches. Your parakeet must be able to spread its wings and move around.

, Adding a mirror in the cage can keep the bird entertained for hours. Be aware however that there are debates about potential psychological damages. Instead of a mirror, consider a second bird. Parakeets love company and will probably welcome a new friend.
If you decide to install a mirror, make sure that it’s fixed to the cage and doesn’t present a risk to your bird.
Look for a mirror offered at your local pet store. They will have ones specifically designed for a bird to use.
Don’t simply place any mirror you find in the cage. Mirrors for birds are usually housed in a plastic case to prevent any sharp edges from hurting your bird.

, The cage itself will need to be of adequate size to house your bird. Of course, the size of your bird will determine how large your cage will need to be. There are some general guidelines you can follow when selecting the right size cage for your bird:Avoid tall circular cages. These cages might look nice, but they don’t allow for enough room for your bird to fly in.
Your bird should at least be able to fully stretch its wings out while inside the cage. Ideally, your bird will have enough room to fly from perch to perch without trouble.
Keep in mind how many birds you are going to put in this cage. The more birds, the more space will be required.
Make sure the cage is easy to clean. Keeping the cage clean will help keep your bird happy and healthy.

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