How to Amuse Your Parakeet or Other Bird



Talk to the bird often.,
Play games.,
Let the bird fly freely in a room.,
Introduce them to new areas of your house.

Your bird will love the interaction and is likely to become very chatty. Keeping your bird company will keep it happy and well adjusted, as well as build a better bond.

Try reading stories to your bird or even just tell them about your day.
Parrots listen more than you think. If you don’t want them to pick up bad language, keep it clean around them.

, Parakeets love to interact with their owner. Try different games to see which your bird likes the best.Birds love to play “Peek-a-boo”
You could teach your bird to climb up on your finger. Put a few seeds on your finger and let your bird feed from it. Gently stroke its belly and it will be encouraged to jump on the finger.
Try to teach it tricks. Buy a bird ladder and position your little friend on the bottom step. It will learn how to climb it.
Position your parakeet on a tennis ball and let it finds its balance. Encourage it with a treat. Your parakeet will eventually balance itself on its own on the ball.
Every time your bird goes up or down, say ‘up’ or ‘down’ and do a hand gesture. Your bird will understand these actions after a while and obey your orders.

, Your bird will love the chance to fly freely in a safe room. Parakeets are migratory and extremely active, so the open flight will be enjoyed greatly by them. You can let your bird fly in a room with all of the windows and doors closed. To call your bird back, turn off all the lights but one, or leave a single curtain open. The bird will fly towards the light. Pick up and hold your bird gently and put it back inside the cage.
Have a play stand for your bird so it can have somewhere else to sit besides the cage.
Make sure that the bird is safe. Put the cat away and look out for potential escape routes or other hazards.
Think about your own hygiene. Your bird is likely to void on the floor. Don’t let it fly in a carpeted room.
Always supervise your bird when it is out of the cage, so it won’t get hurt.
Don’t force your bird to come out of its cage if it’s not in the mood.

, New environments can be stimulating to your bird. Taking them around the house with you on your shoulder can be a great way to spend time together.

Talk with your bird as they ride on your shoulder.
Let them explore new places, such as the surface of your dresser or nightstand.
Always monitor your bird as it explores on its own. Keep it safe from any hazards.
Make sure any areas your visit together are free from dangers. Keep cats and other pets away, close all doors and windows, and turn off any fans.
Be careful when in certain rooms. Cooking or cleaning around your bird can release harmful elements into the air. Dust, smoke, and especially Teflon from a hot Teflon pan, can injure your birds respiratory system.

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