How to Act Normal Around Your Crush



Act moderately occupied.You could do this in many ways.,
Pretend the person is not there.,
Appear slightly amused by the person.,
Ask yourself, what’s the worst that can happen?,
Announce what you’re doing.,
Say hello to your crush.,
Be friends with their friends.,
Be yourself with a pinch of wild.,
Separate your idea of them with reality.

The important thing is to show the person you are crushing on that you are not ready to give into them right away. Have a few supplies with you, to occupy yourself, for when you see your crush like:

A book or a magazine
A pen and a sketchbook
A cell phone;
, A large part of having a crush involves some degree of ignoring someone. Don’t go out of your way. If you appear to be unaffected by this person’s presence, you’ll appear to look normal. This can be a difficult step if you’re head over heels.

Do not make it too apparent that you are trying to ignore them. It could be obvious if you’re trying too hard. Stay calm and collected.

, When you see them do not gaze at them too directly. Play with the circumstance by giving them sly looks and then appear distracted by looking around the room. Try to give off a slight smile on your face and in your eyes if they catch your eye contact., This is a great calming method that hits at the core of why you don’t feel normal. The worst possible outcome from appearing awkward and nervous around your crush is not life threatening. By accepting the larger picture of the world, you may be able to relax about your feelings towards your crush.A lot of people feel like the social microscope is fixed on them, but the reality is that most people are concerned about themselves. People are not watching you and looking for an opportunity to scrutinize you., You don’t want to ask your crush if they want to hang out. If they’re nearby, talk with you’re friends about your plans for the weekend. If you’re in a situation where you’re talking to them about your plans, don’t ask them to join you. They’ll seek it out if they’re interested.You could even talk about how you and your friends are “trying to get a big group together” for yada yada. Then make it obvious that they could come if they ask.

, It is normal to acknowledge people. Nothing detrimental will happen if you give them a casual hello, or even just a wave or smile. Saying “hi!” or “hey!” with a smile can potentially stir their world. It is the most casual thing you can do if you meet eye contact. You’ll seem collected and the pressure is now in their court.

, Making friends with your crush’s friends might alleviate your nervous feelings by closing the distance between you and them. Talk to your crush’s friends like a buddy. They’ll remember you as being ‘cool’ and might speak highly of you to your crush.

Don’t flirt with any of them. You don’t want them to think you’re interested or they might develop a crush on you.

, Don’t be afraid to call a little attention to yourself. This can improve your confidence level, if you choose to wear something that makes you feel good and attractive. This is one way that might spark their attention.

If you go over the top, they could become intimidated, but if this is the case, then rethink this crush.
Don’t be afraid to be yourself! Honesty is the best policy.

, It is common to project what you want to see in your crush, as opposed to who they really are. Nobody’s perfect, but it could help you get a better grip of yourself by knowing some of their flaws.

Don’t get too nosy or they could find out and become alarmed.

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