How to Act Normal Around Your Crush



Practice talking to other people.,
Talk to a family member.,
Keep a journal.,
Do extracurricular activities.

You don’t have to wait around for the perfect chance to say something to your crush. You could always ask a random person that you find cute for a stick of gum. Talking to people you’re attracted to will improve your comfort level when talking to someone you really have a crush on., Being at home can be a hard time when you’re heels deep in a crush’s spell. Your parents can offer valuable advice because they went through what you’re going through. If you’re not comfortable talking to your folks about it then ask a cool uncle or a sibling you’re open with. Sharing what you are going through help elevate pressure you feel when you’re near your crush.

, Writing out your feelings and ideas can be a great therapy. Whether you write memories, letters, or your personal thoughts, you are practicing an expressive process that strengthens your physiological growth and health.It is important to face your emotions by yourself. It is a good time to reflect on how this crush is only a person. Write whatever feels right. Don’t concern yourself with typos or grammar, this is for you.

If you have friends or a younger sibling around, you might consider keeping this in a private location.

, Staying after school for clubs or sports could be a great way of distancing yourself from your crush. Playing sports will especially help by pushing yourself both mentally and physically. Staying too stagnant will not help you act normally around a crush. Think of exerting yourself as a way of releasing your frustrations.

This is a good way of dealing with nervousness on a larger scope. Physical activity improves your mental state in your everyday life.

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