How to Act Normal Around Your Crush



Recognize you are crushing.,
Ask them to hang out.,
Evaluate their character.,
Invite them to hang out with your friends.

This can be a difficult realization because typically crushes are linked to romantic feelings. This is not always the case. An identity crush is someone you come to view as a leader. This causes you to want to identify your attributes to theirs., This type of crush opens more doors for developing a friendship. You don’t need to act uninterested or half-amused. Simply ask them to do something you know they like to do like:

Play music
Go bowling
Play golf
See a movie
Play laser-tag
Go tubing

, Sometimes identity crushes can be for the wrong reasons. Lots of time people aspire to be the popular kids in high school, but sometimes the popular kids aren’t good people. If you’re ever faced with hanging out with a new clique and can’t invite you’re old friends, then weigh your options.

, This is a great opportunity to hang out with them when you are in your best element. Make sure your crush and friends are both okay with this plan. This will give your crush the chance to see how you normally act with your friends.

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