How to Act in a Stable



Never run in the yard.,
Never yell or shout.,
Never look a horse in the eye.,
Never approach a horse from behind.,
Never make loud noises as you may spook the horse.,
Even if it is raining, don’t use an umbrella or were flapping waterproofs.,
Don’t be silly.,
Never leave a horse unattended.,
Don’t climb over gates.,
No smoking.,
Be kind and polite, especially to the yard owners.

Don’t distract people who are riding.,
Obey any and all rules that the yard may have in place.

Running can scare the horses, and is dangerous for you too a you can easily slip. Walk, or power walk if the horses are calm.;
, Yelling/shouting can scare the horses. Use a calm quiet voice at all times.

, This is thought of as threatening. Look just below or around the shoulder.

, Go calmly towards their shoulder.

, Spooked horse’s can often panic and hurt themselves.

, These can spook even the most quiet of horse’s.

, No splashing water at your friends or “galloping” around the yard. Save this for the park.

, If they are tied up, tacked up, etc. this can be quite dangerous.

, This cause’s them to drop. Open them them like everyone else.

, Smoking is prohibited in all yards for obvious reasons. One cigarette in the straw and you have a barn fire on your hands.

,, They may be trying something difficult, and not only may you throw their concentration, you could also spook their horse.


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