How to Act Cool Around Your Crush (for Girls)



Be confident!,
Work to his advantage.,
Talk to him when you get the chance, but don’t seem desperate.,
Have a reason to.,
Make his friends your friends.

Show your humour!,
Be confident (2).,
Enjoy yourself!,
Be yourself!

Remember to express your opinion in front of him. Some girls change who they are to match their crush, but no matter how tempting this may seem, be yourself 100% of the time.;
, Always seem friendly and open to everyone you meet. Work this to YOUR advantage, so if he asks you for a favour, or your opinion, be obliged to reply. Then you’ll seem more trustworthy, and he’ll love you for it.

, Whenever you have something to say to him, say it. Take every opportunity you get to socialize.

, Whenever you want to call/talk/text/email him, make sure you have a reason (true or not) as to why you did it. Don’t tell this to your crush, feel free to type freely. The reason why you need this is to rescue yourself if some other kid asks you why you called/texted/emailed/talked to him. Plus, if you’re not sure that this guy likes you back, you can have an excuse to talk to him. Or ask for his number/email address…

,, But don’t repeat or laugh at your own jokes. You may seem full of yourself if you repeat it, or laugh loads, but a smile or giggle is fine.

, Once things have started to spark a little, start hinting (quite subtly) that you like him. Eventually, when you feel brave, tell him you like spending time with him and ask him out. As I said before, make sure there’s an excuse to do so if anyone asks…

, Don’t restrict your every move – make sure you enjoy his company. Let loose when you feel the time is right, and be yourself whenever he’s near. Spending time with him should be fun, not a lesson!

, Don’t change your entirely self just to look “cool”. The personality is the main thing for guys to look in a girl, and of course, NOT the look. But taking care of your looks means keep hygiene, brush your hair, don’t be messy etc… Now, how to act yourself? Simple —– HAVE FUN! Enjoy every seconds of your life, have fun with your friends, smile, laugh, be natural. AND, while you’re doing it, take a glance at your crush (make sure he’s around!) and maybe smile at him. He will see the cute side of yours. 🙂

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