How to Act Around the Girl You Like



Be respectful.,
Read her body language.,
Make eye contact.,
Don’t ignore her friends.

Most guys are taught that they don’t need to be respectful to women and act accordingly. Don’t be one of those guys. Being respectful does not mean being a doormat or being “whipped” but it does mean treating the girl you as if she’s an actual human being (which, surprisingly enough, she is).

One way of showing respect is to stop doing something when she tells you to stop. For example, if you two were having a tickle war and she says “Stop it!” you stop, even if you think she’s kidding. If she is kidding, she’ll let you know and you can continue. Showing that you respect her right to say “no” in minor instances, will show that you are willing to respect her boundaries in more important instances.
Be respectful to other people when you’re around her (and in general). Don’t talk about your ex as “that weirdo” or use language like that. Don’t degrade women, or call guys “pussies.” You’ll come across as disrespectful to women and you’ll come across as immature.

, While a lot of guys say that women’s body language is a mystery, it’s really not that hard. Remember, you can tell when your sister is upset with you, or your female friend is trying to ignore you. The girl you like isn’t going to be any different to understand.If she spends most of her time not making eye contact with you, or giving you short, one word answers, she either doesn’t want to be around you, or she’s upset with you. It’s probably best to back off.
A girl who wants you to stick around is going to be pretty obvious about it. She’ll be turned towards you. She’ll be making eye contact and smiling and laughing at the things you say (not derisively). She may even touch you (like on the arm when she’s making a point).

, It turns out that making eye contact is one of the biggest ways to flirt with someone that you’re interested in. This is a good one that you can use in class, if you’re sitting in the right spot, or even across the room if you’re at a party.You can do this a couple different ways. A good way to do this is to make eye contact if she’s across the room, catch her eye and hold it. Now, if the two of you are having a conversation, make sure to look deeply into her eyes. For some reason, that intense, long look can cause butterflies in the other person.
Smile when you’re looking at her, especially as you’re making eye contact. A little smirk can be even better than a giant grin.

, A girl’s friends are incredibly important to her. She will listen to their opinions, even if she won’t always follow their advice. If they don’t like you it will cast a niggling bit of doubt in her own mind about you. To keep that from happening, you need to make sure that her friends like you.

Learn some of the things that they like and ask them questions about those interests. For example, if her friends are super into a t.v. show, ask them a little about it (what’s their favorite thing about the show, favorite characters, favorite episodes, things that irritate them about the show or the fandom).
If you’re having a conversation with the girl you like and her friends are around, make sure to include them in the conversation. You can still give her the long, heart-felt, languishing looks while making sure that her friends don’t feel like you’re ignoring them completely.
Don’t flirt with her friends, however. You don’t want to come across as a player who is out to get whichever girl responds to his attentions. The girl you like won’t think you’re interested in her if you’re flirting with all her friends, too.

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