How to Act Around Girls (for Boys)



Make the first move.,
Accept rejection.,
Be careful.,
Don’t trick her.,
Be friendly.,
Act casual and be yourself.,
Be consistent.,
The kiss.,
Be clear.,
Remember, the most important thing: be yourself!

Girls are often very insecure and don’t want to embarrass both themselves and you by coming on too strong, so you should make the first move. One thing that may be going through a girl’s mind is, “What if he doesn’t like me back? If he likes me, he can get off his shy butt and come over here and tell me!”;
, If you ask a girl for her number and she rejects you, move on, as she’s obviously not interested.

, If, however, she does give you her number, try to only use it to arrange dates. It is all too easy to give a girl the wrong impression about how you feel. For example, constantly texting her will probably give her the idea that you are in love with her, and set very high expectations for your relationship.

, Don’t lead a girl on if you are going to change your mind. Of course you should not go out with her after the first date if there is no connection. If you feel there is no connection, say so early on and don’t leave her hanging, this will result in resentment from her.

, Let her know you are interested, but don’t be too eager. See how she reacts when you start the conversation, and go from there.

, Girls are much more likely to fall for you if you be yourself, rather than falling for the person you’re pretending to be.

, Don’t behave strangely towards her around your friends. Many boys think that their friends will tease them if they are all “loved up” with their girlfriend. To make it easier, see your friends separately from your girlfriend. If you are together though, be yourself with your friends but make sure you don’t leave your girlfriend out.

, To get a girl to kiss you, you should be sure first that she likes you back. Then hint, touch her arm and look into her eyes, or look at her lips then at her. It is a good idea to make some contact before the kiss, so holding her hand or tucking her hair behind her ear is a good start. Lean in – but slowly so that if she doesn’t look up for it you can just touch her arm and say something instead. If she leans toward you as well then good! Move your head slightly to one side first and she will follow. If she pulls away before you expected, don’t be awkward, just act like you wanted it to end then as well. Don’t pressure her into anything.

, If a girl is hitting on you and you aren’t interested, make it clear. Sure, she might get upset, but that is better than going along with it and breaking up with her later.


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