How to Act Around a Girl Who Knows You Fancy Her



Give her a few days to think about your offer, but don’t avoid her.,
Find some time alone with her.,
Talk to her in other places that you normally see her.,
Be encouraging.,
Act normal.,
Don’t rule out frankness.,
Have a life.

Talk to her like you would to anyone else. If you ignore her, she’ll think that you are angry with her. That is not a good place to start a relationship.;
, Explain it to her that you are sorry for any upset you have caused her (girls love to know that a guy truly cares). Straighten out any rumors that are flying around. Make sure that in doing this, you’re not pressuring her.

, It’ll help her feel more relaxed and show that you take time for her.

, Compliment her, but not too much or you’ll sound obsessive. Make sure you only compliment her if what you are saying is sincere.

, Talk to her, but act like she doesn’t know you fancy her. Do not pretend not to like her because its not polite or nice to her and then you will never have a chance with her.

, Just because you like her does not mean you withhold any helpful views from her. If you feel that she must know something, say it frankly but gently. She will appreciate you.

If she is mature enough, she may also consider you to be a gentleman.

, The message is to be nonchalant. Liking someone puts one’s dignity under risk as most feel vulnerable and curb the desire to hurt the girl. One way you could maintain a stand or save face is by being relaxed and minding your own business. For that you must have some business. Engage into productive and positive activities and see yourself appear brighter before her and the rest of the crowd. Being busy will also guard you against being overtly exposed to any shock or disappointment if any.

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