How to Accessorize a Hamster’s Cage



Choose a fun food bowl.,
String up a hammock.,
Place a plastic wheel in the cage.,
Sprinkle in plenty of chew toys.,
Design a maze with plastic tubing.

You should look for a heavy ceramic food dish that they can’t tip over.You can mix things up by finding a small bowl or dish that has bright colors, a neat design, or an unusual pattern. Good places to look for these include home goods stores, thrift shops, or supermarkets. Choose a smaller bowl that can contain around 5 oz. or a couple of tablespoons of pellets. Be sure to wash it out well before giving to your hamster.

Be sure to hook a water bottle onto the cage. Your hamster will need water in addition to food.;
, Buy a nylon hammock instead of a fleece or cotton one to ensure that your hamster won’t chew through it. Hang the hammock in the corner of a cage. Make sure that your hamster is able to climb onto it with ease. Hammocks are actually proven to make hamsters happier, so it is a good purchase., Hamsters need a wheel for exercise. You want a wheel that has a solid, plastic bottom, not spaced rungs. Hamster feet can get stuck in the rungs! You can find wheels in many different kinds of colors these days, so shop around., Hamsters need to grind down their teeth by chewing. There are plenty of chew toys you can give your hamster to make him happy that will also make the cage look great. Walnut shells, unpainted oak or Cherrywood squares, wooden balls, and rolled oats are all great for chewing., You can buy plastic tunnels for your hamster online or at the pet store. These are sometimes known as habitrails. They snap together to create pathways between different houses, nets, or tanks. You can also create your own maze. Find many different parts, including straight pieces, curves, ramps, and nesting boxes. Snap these together, making sure that they are secure.

Many wire cages have holes where these tunnels attach. These cages are called “modular” habits.Make sure that the maze either circles back to the cage or that there is a suitable “dead end,” such as a nesting box or a separate cage.

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