How to Accessorize a Hamster’s Cage



Choose a theme.,
Fill the cage with decorative toys and tunnels.,
Hang up a picture.,
Draw on tank walls with dry erase markers.

Before you start decorating the cage, think of a fun theme for your hamster cage. Some people decorate their cages for certain holidays. Others stick with certain colors. Think about how you want your cage to look. Some ideas are:

Seasons like Spring or Fall

, Hamster toys come in a variety of colors and shapes. Nesting boxes can be found as igloos, animals, or cottages. There are wooden bridges, tree-shaped tunnels, and miniature castles. Find toys and accessories that fit your theme, or use what you think is cute. Remember, hamsters need plenty of hiding spaces, tunnels, climbing walls, and chew toys so you can look for several different options.

, You can provide some extra scenery to the cage by printing or drawing a landscape. This should be as tall and wide as their cage. You can choose a normal woodland scene or chose something that fits your theme (stars and planets for a space theme, pine trees and snow for Christmas, etc.).

If you have a tank or aquarium cage, you can attach this with tape to the back of the tank. Place it on the outside of the tank with the picture facing into your hamster’s home. Do not put it inside the cage.
If you have a wire cage, glue it onto cardboard. Prop it up behind the cage, just far enough away from the cage so that the hamster cannot chew on it.

, If you have a bin, aquarium, or tank style of cage, you can draw designs or notes on the glass side with a dry erase marker. Only draw on the outside of the cage. You can erase it with a dry eraser or with a damp cloth.You can also place stickers on the glass so long as there is no chance they will peel off and fall into the hamster’s living area.

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