How to Accessorize a Hamster’s Cage



Collect empty cardboard tubes.,
Fashion ladders out of popsicle sticks.,
Build your own hamster platform.,
Create a swing out of a tin can.,
Paint a flowerpot nest.

When you run out of toilet paper, save the paper rolls. You can also use paper towel tubes. Put these around the cage. Your hamster will use them as tunnels, and they may chew on them a little bit. You can have multiple tubes in a single cage.

Replace the tubes once they have been chewed through or if they become damp.

, Gather at least four popsicle sticks. Cut two in half, and sand down the rough edges.Using non-toxic glue, attach the pieces so that they form a ladder. The cut pieces are the rungs, and the uncut pieces are the siderails. Make sure that there is a short gap between the rungs. Hamsters love to climb, and giving them ladders will help them exercise while sprucing up your cage., For this, you will need a piece of corkboard, miniature wooden dowels (about 8×40 mm in size), four wooden cylinders, and wood glue/PVC glue. Glue the cylinders onto the bottom of the corkboard for legs. Wait fifteen minutes before flipping over. Glue the dowels around the edge of the corkboard to form a fence. Leave a gap so hamsters can enter.Be sure to prop a ladder against it so hamsters can climb up to it.

Let the glue dry completely for a few hours before placing it in the hamster cage.

, Clean out a tin can. Make sure that both ends are removed, and sand down the rough edges until they are smooth. There should be no jagged edges or protruding parts. String a wire or a thin chain through the can, and attach both ends to the top of the cage. The swing should hang low enough for your hamster to crawl in and out. You may leave a ladder out for your hamster.Do not use string. Your hamster may chew on the string, causing digestive problems., You want to find a pot that is small enough to fit in your cage but large enough to house your hamster. Paint this with fun colors using non-toxic paint. When it is completely dry, tip it on its side in the main part of the cage. Your hamster will fill it with bedding to sleep in.

Do not use stickers as your hamster can eat these.

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